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Are you a business owner?

With our comprehensive approach, NUYU Academy is committed to preparing our students to excel in all aspects of their lives. We believe that building practical and employability skills is just as important as academic education.


That's why we are seeking partnerships with businesses that share our vision and values and are willing to provide opportunities for our young people to put their newly acquired skills into practice.


By working together, we can create a win-win scenario, where our students gain invaluable experience, and businesses benefit from a pipeline of motivated and skilled individuals who are ready to make an immediate impact.


Get in touch to see how we can help your business grow while supporting our students to thrive.

If your company expresses an interest in offering a voluntary work placement for our learners, a member of the NUYU Academy team will arrange a health & safety visit.

Once this is complete, we will arrange an interview between yourself and the learner we feel will be suited to the role. This is a chance for you to decide whether you feel the learner is right for the placement. 

It is also valuable to the learner as it gives them experience in a practical-based setting. 

If your company is happy to offer the learner a placement, we will arrange a suitable date for the learner to begin. 

Nearing completion of the placement, we will arrange an exit interview to be conducted between yourself, the learner and a NUYU representative. This is an opportunity for you to discuss how you feel the placement went and whether you would like to offer the learner either contracted work or an apprenticeship.

If you feel that this is not something you can offer, then all we ask is that you provide the learner with a written reference. This will benefit the learner in future work placements and employment.

NUYU Academy will support you and the learner throughout the entire work placement journey. If for any reason you feel that the learner is no longer suited to the role then we will remove the learner at your request.

There is no obligation for your company to progress the learner any further than you feel is necessary.

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